Starbucks' Cloud Macchiato Needs Less Bitterness and More Sweetness

If you are the type of person that doesn’t like coffee, I would not recommend the cloud macchiato. It isn't sweet enough for you to enjoy. Don’t get me wrong, the foam is amazing but the coffee is too bitter, so it is a waste of money if you don't like the bitter coffee taste.

When I paid 5 dollars I was kind of mad because I was like why is this drink so expensive and then taking one sip and not liking it made me mad because I was like well that was a waste of money. I found it so bad that I ended up giving it to a friend because I knew I was not going to finish it and if I did, it would make me sick.

This type of drink is a preference type of drink because if you are the type of person that can't go a day without caffeine in your system then this drink will really do the trick for you. It didn’t work for me because I like my drinks to be really sweet.

The cloud macchiato only has a little bit of coffee and a ton of the foam but the foam is on top so it takes a little while to get to the sweet tasting foam. Honestly, I found myself and some of my friends taking the lid off the cup and just drinking the foam because we thought it tasted good. All in all, I would not order this drink again because it is just not the right drink for me. I personally like iced coffee with extra cream so much better. I will not turn my back on the most basic type of coffee there is.