Spring Survival Kit Product Reviews

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Loreal Paris Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Towelettes

I have never tried self tanner before, and maybe that was my issue here. It was a fun experience (I was excited to look tan for once in my life,) but when the tan showed up, it was orange and streaky. That could have been user error or maybe medium was the wrong color for my fair skin. I’d like to try this product again if I can get my hands on the lighter shade and see how that turns out.

Bedhead Get Twisted Anti-Frizz Spray

This product is AMAZING! I have very curly hair that is also VERY frizzy, especially when it gets warmer out. I go from a natural hair embracing powerful woman to a sad poodle real quick. I’ve used this product in my dry hair, soaking hair and damp hair. It has done wonders in all ways. The only thing, I’d say to be cautious of is that it works best when your hair is wet. When applied to dry hair, it can get a little bit crunchy, but not so much that you can’t stand it. When I’ve sprayed my wet hair and then left it dry, this product helps define my curls more while fighting the frizz away and I absolutely love that. I am definitely loving this product and will 100% keep using it.

Bedhead Superstar Queen for a Day Thickening Spray

I usually don't have a lack of volume with my curly hair, but now that it's growing longer, my roots are lying more flat than I'd prefer. This spray has been helpful to lifting my hair at the roots, and I can only imagine the wonders it could do for anyone with fine hair. I like to spray this product just at the roots of my wet hair and run my fingers through my hair to disperse the product while fluffing up my curls a bit. Sometimes I follow this up with some leave in conditioner on the ends of my hair and then wear a shower cap for an hour or two to keep my hair out of my face without having to put it in a ponytail while I do homework. 

Buxom Va Va Plump Lipstick

I am a huge lipstick fan, but in this case, I cannot use this lipstick which made me very sad. I have a list of random allergies to certain chemicals and dyes. I've never been able to use Buxom because of these allergies so I had my roommate try the shade Wine Me. Unlike most wine-colored lipsticks, this shade is perfect for all seasons because it is not too deep of a purple. The color showed up as a pretty fuschia (Think: fruity red Sangria) on my roommate's lips. She also said the lipstick had a tingling sensation but it wasn't an overpowering at all. Just beware that the high-shine formula, while it is not drying, it is also definitely not transfer-proof!

Alba Botanica Hawaiian sunscreen

This sunscreen smells like my trip to Florida my senior year of high school. The green tea scent is beachy and floral. I was surprised that I was not allergic to the fragrance in the product, but the smell did still give me a slight headache at times. I like that the product is vegetarian friendly and was not tested on animals. I’d like to try this again during a season when I really need it in order to see how well it holds up for my skin. For now, I'll give it a 10 out of 10 for smelling so nice and not making my skin break out in hives.

Almay Shadow Squad in “Pure Gold, Baby”

First, I’d like to point out that this product is hypoallergenic, which is awesome for anyone with sensitive skin. The quads aren’t super pigmented when swatched on the hands but show up beautifully when applied with an eyeshadow brush. This eyeshadow quad would be perfect for a more dramatic look with winged eyeliner and mascara. Gold isn't an eyeshadow color I normally go for, but this shade was more of a deep yellow-gold that I liked a lot more than other gold eyeshadows I have tried.