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I’m not sure if it’s just me, but this semester has absolutely flown by and I cannot believe spring break is already next week. I’m not complaining though; I am super ready to have a brain break and spend some time relaxing at home. Some people go on extravagant trips over spring break, but for those who plan on spending some quality time at home like me, here’s a more realistic to-do list for you. 

1. Explore new places 


Travel doesn’t have to mean going on a plane with a bunch of friends to a tropical island. For me, it means taking some time to get away, no matter how local that may be. I plan on taking a day trip to NYC, since I live nearby. Some other ideas are going to a museum, finding a new place to go shopping, exploring a local town with a nice downtown, walking around at a local park (get pics for the ‘gram), going to a sports game, and more. Being home is nice, but I try to get out a bit to make the most of my time away from school! 

2. Get ahead on work 

It’s called spring break for a reason, right? There’s no doubt that you should take the time to relax, but this time is also ideal to get ahead on any school work or other things that have been in the back of your mind. I always try to dedicate one day to doing work to get ahead and give myself that comfort of going back to school knowing I’m a little bit ahead of the game.  

3. Catch up with friends 

I try my best to see my friends from home over breaks. Not everyone has stayed in touch with their high school friends, but thankfully I still have a few friends who I keep in touch with. We love to grab brunch or coffee, fro-yo, acai bowls, or sometimes we even meet up to study together. Some people are even lucky enough to live near their college friends at home, so that could be an opportunity as well.  

4. Spend time with family 

One of the best parts (hopefully) of going home for break is getting to spend time with your family. I know home-cooked meals are one of my favorite things about being home, and we also love to play games. Of course, family dynamics are different for everyone, but if the circumstances allow, this is something you should really try to make time for over break! 

5. Make a list of goals for the rest of the semester 

Sometimes at school you can get so wrapped up all the assignments you have to get done that you forget about your end goals. Spring break is a perfect time to solidify your goals and remind yourself of what you hope to accomplish with all your hard work (such as good grades, an internship, etc.). Doing so can revitalize your motivation for the second half of the semester!  

6. Sleep, yet also be productive 

One thing all college students need more of is sleep. I plan on catching up on my sleep a bit (but not overdoing it) over break. I still want to be productive, but I need the energy to do so! 

7. Start thinking about summer plans 

Personally, I need to work more on planning my study abroad trip this summer. As you know, all Susquehanna students must study abroad in order to graduate, so you may be in this same boat! Either way, summer plans are super important, especially in college. Break is a prime time to start thinking about your future three-month break, including applying to internships, jobs, summer programs, study abroad, and more.  


Hopefully this list leaves you motivated to maximize your time during spring break! 


Jersey girl who loves The Bachelor, burritos, boybands, and basically anything basic. Member of the Class of 2020 at Susquehanna University studying Stretigic Communications: Advertising and Marketing and Art History.
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