Romans 5

In the book of Romans, Paul is writing to the Christians in Rome about the message of God. Romans 5 specifically focuses on how we can be peaceful and hopeful knowing that God’s grace negates our sinful nature.

Romans 5 begins by explaining why we have peace from God. Since Jesus died for our sins, we are righteous in God’s eyes. We find peace from being reconciled to God because of Jesus’s sacrifice. Without God’s grace, we couldn’t have the peace that comes from being united with Him (Romans 5:1-2).

Paul continues by explaining how we can find hope in God because of His righteousness. Even during times of suffering, we can remain hopeful. Paul explains how suffering produces perseverance, which strengthens our character and provides us with hope. Because God loves us so much, He gave us the Holy Spirit that dwells in our hearts. The Holy Spirit alone gives us hope that can’t be put to shame (Romans 5:3-5).

Paul continues by emphasizing the extremity of God’s love for us. Christ died for us. We are all sinners, unworthy of the love that God provides. Paul says how it is rare for someone to die for a righteous person, yet Christ died for all of us who are filled with corruption and evil (Romans 5:6-8).

Because we are saved by Jesus’s death on the cross, we don’t have to suffer God’s wrath that we are very deserving of. At one time we were spiritually dead, making us enemies of God. Since Jesus’s sacrifice reconciled us to God, we can have a new life with Christ. Being brought close to God because of Jesus’ death is something we can find satisfaction from (Romans 5:9-11).

Paul then explains how sin and death were brought into the world. Since Adam brought sin into the world at the beginning of time, death was also produced. Since all people sin, that means all people will experience death. People may think that it is impossible to sin when there was no law to follow, but that isn’t true. Sin is derived from Adam’s sin, and the sins that we all commit because of our human nature, regardless of when the law was created (Romans 5:12-14).

Paul continues by explaining that Adam’s sin and the gift of God are very different. While all people face death because of Adam’s sin, Jesus’s action on the cross allows all people to receive God’s grace and salvation. The gift of God and the sin of Adam are incomparable. Adam’s sin brought condemnation whereas Jesus’s sacrifice took on our sin and gave us righteousness instead. Adam’s sin caused all humans to be controlled by death, but God’s grace, through the sacrifice of his son, breaks the bondage of death and allows us to reign with Christ. This only happens for those who have faith in God and understand that Jesus Christ was the one and only way to receive this gift of salvation and new life (Romans 5:15-17).

Paul explains how Adam’s one act of sin results in condemnation just like Christ’s one act of sacrifice gives us all life. Just like disobedience results in sinners, obedience results in righteous followers (Romans 5:18-19).

Paul concludes by explaining that the law was created so that people can recognize how sinful they really are. Instead of just sinning by human nature, not following the law showed actual disobedience of God’s commands. Lucky for us, God provides us with an abundance of grace that overrides our sin. Because of Jesus’s death on the cross, God’s grace, and our faith and submission to the Lord, we can have the hope of spending eternity with Christ (Romans 5:20-21).