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Given the circumstances of having a very abnormal past year for just about everyone, a return to our former normalcy seems to be around the corner. With vaccines finally available for any adult who wants one in the United States, hopes are high that we can enjoy what used to be familiar. As I finish my last week of finals, I can’t wait for summer fun.  

Last summer was quite boring as I’m sure it was for many. With needed restrictions and lockdowns, there was not much to do. This summer, I look forward to finally seeing family members again. I miss hanging out with my aunt and grandma. We always laugh and have the best conversations while spending our evenings sitting on the porch. I also miss attending special events. Concerts in the local town center, fairs, and carnivals make for the best of times and memorable memories. Sitting on a park bench while taking in the sunlight and listening to music just makes you feel alive. There’s also a special annual book and plant sale at my local library that I look forward to each year. Unfortunately, it was canceled last year, but I’m so happy to finally attend this summer. My mom and I have been going to it each year for as long as I can remember. I love picking out the pink sweet Williams and impatiens. 

Another thing I hope to do this summer is visiting a variety of restaurants. It’s always fun to go out to restaurants, yet I have not been to a real restaurant for over a year now due to the pandemic. I miss going out for special family events like birthdays and holidays. With vaccines being distributed more and more each day, I plan on finally going to them again within the next few weeks. Summer 2021, here I come! 

Hello! I'm Gabby. I am studying journalism and political science at Susquehanna University. My passions include writing and reading.
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