Redrawing My Old(er) Art

I did another redraw! Last time I did this, I redrew something from around 2016, but this time, the drawing is from 2015. It’s a piece of fan art for a rhythm game that I was super into at the time called Project Mirai DX. This is the original:

It’s funny how I pretty much use the exact same materials to make art now as I did then. I guess I’m never going to grow out of using markers. Actually, I remember the exact markers I used to make this. I had some with white barrels that were unscented and some with black barrels that had wacky scents. The darker red I used to color most of her dress was my favorite because it smelled really good, like red velvet cake maybe? I remember the scent perfectly but can’t really describe it for some reason.

Okay, that was a side tangent. Here’s what I was trying to draw:

What’s most interesting to me about this redraw is the lack of detail I put in it—I wonder, was I just being lazy or did I just not know how to conceptualize all of those ruffles in her dress? The latter is definitely true and the former might be true, too. Anyways, I’m not ashamed of this drawing, it’s still really cute. But when I went to redraw it I thought I could improve some things about it and still keep the cuteness factor:

Aaaaaand success! I did this thing all in one sitting, and by the time I was finished it was 3 in the morning and my vision was getting a little blurry because I’d been focusing for so long on so little energy. I’m fine. But I was also filled with satisfaction for what I’d made—which, as any artist, writer, or literally anyone who has ever made anything knows, is a really rare feeling. I just feel so good about this drawing, I want to force everyone to look at it! I even considered dusting off my old personal Facebook account that I haven’t used actively in like 5 or 6 years and posting it there. It's probably for the best that I decided against it.

I’m looking forward to doing more redraws soon!