Rating Flowers I Found Around Campus

My first days on this campus feel so close yet so far, and it’s hard to believe that my first year here is almost over. I remember all the feelings of being mercilessly dumped into all-new surroundings, both the good and the bad. One of the greatest feelings was having those first few evenings free to explore the campus, and every new path I walked felt like a special discovery. I even managed to get lost a few times— for example, in my first search for the Natural Science Center, I somehow ended up over by the Field House? Wild.

But now that glittery idealism has faded, and sometimes this campus feels to me like an accursed, though beautiful, bubble. I recently discovered this anew when traipsing the various thin paths around campus (which I now know by heart) in an attempt to find something to draw for my art final. I probably looked ridiculous, and I definitely wasted 30 minutes I could have spent on finals, but I did find some pretty cool plants— and in this Finals Hell Week, I will take whatever serotonin I can get my hands on.

In the name of procrastination, I will now rank some of the flowers I photographed around Susky’s campus:

  1. 1. Some Fuzzy Boys

    That’s their scientific name. I have no idea where I found these; it’s all a blur at this point. However, I would rate them a solid 4/5 because I like the pleasing five-petal shape of them. One star is taken off because I am currently imagining the texture of the overly-fuzzy stems, and it isn’t pleasant.

  2. 2. Tulips!

    I found The Spring Flower! There were a few patches of them and only one of them had a white tulip in it, which is pretty neat. Because of the cool hybrid white/red tulip, I’ll give this one 4.5/5 stars. Regrettably, that 0.5 star must come off because they were located weirdly on the berm between the library and Selinsgrove Hall, and I felt really awkward taking pictures there.

  3. 3. Cutes!!

    I love them! These were a true discovery, because they are on a weird tree thing behind the Natural Sciences Center, in the big patch of grass between the back entrance to Ele’s and the parking lot. You don't see ones like these every day! At least, I don't. 500/5 stars.

Overall, I think pretty highly of plants at Susky, and any rising high school seniors interested in robust university plant life should totally come here. Good luck with your finals, and have a great summer!