Philanthropy Fun

As you may already know, I have joined a wonderful sorority here on campus called Sigma Kappa. Everyone expects a sorority to be full of just laying around enjoying the time to be with your sisters, but with this title actually comes the amazing desire to serve and help others through service. Sigma Kappa has five philanthropies: The Sigma Kappa Foundation, Inherit the Earth, Gerontology Research, The Maine Seacoast Mission, and the Alzheimer’s Association, all of which are truly amazing and beautiful in their own ways. Fun fact, these philanthropies actually spell out SIGMA!

One that we as a sorority heavily partake in on this campus specifically is called “Inherit the Earth”. Inheriting the Earth is when we go around campus (usually on Sunday mornings) and clean up any and all cans, trash, etc., that may have been left behind and/or forgotten by people throughout the weekend. It is really crazy to see how much trash this small campus can produce in just 2 days of a week. However, it is so satisfying to see the before and after of our clean sweep.

This philanthropy is something that I really look forward to on my Sunday mornings, along with spending some quality time with my sisters. It brings us all closer together, especially because we never know what we are going to find. Lots of laughs and giggles go into inheriting the Earth, and that’s what makes it all the better.

I am only a freshman, so I don’t have very much experience with Sigma Kappa or any of these other 4 philanthropies yet. However, I have been living vicariously through my Sig Kap sisters and all of their stories about being a part of them. Because of these girls and their stories, I have grown to truly appreciate the value of philanthropy and helping others in need. Even if something doesn’t have a direct effect on someone/something right away, it truly can and does make such a huge difference in the future.