National WoMOM's Month

We all see women in the media who have done amazing things, who aid in extraordinary discoveries that have advanced what we know about our world.

Some of the real heroes out there don’t get the recognition they deserve, and they have the high title of being a mother. They are responsible for raising the next generation of our world to go out and discover the next great advancement for our lifetime.

Moms are superheroes. They know best, so don't tell them any different.

So here is a shoutout, a family love letter, to the greatest person in my life-- my mom. Or my sister, whichever we prefer to call her.

My mom is one of the greatest, strongest people I know in my life.

At a young age, months away from her 19th birthday, she gave birth to me, her first and only wild child. Even though she was young and fell into the teen mom category, she never once sacrificed my needs for hers.

She also refused the role of stay at home mom, and worked like crazy, dragging me to my grandparents to be watched during her shifts. Eventually, my mom transferred work locations, found a primary school that offered daycare before and after school hours that fit her work schedule, and went into college.

I was probably 8 years old when my mom made the decision to enroll in a nursing program at a college close enough to commute to home and my school. For the following 4 years, I looked up to my mom, admiring her ability to balance school and work, and still be a mom to me. That dedication never changed as she went through college, even as her course load increased and she faced nursing clinicals.

During her last year in college, I feel like I barely saw her during the week. She would leave before I would wake up, and come home to sleep before I even got home from school. Even though it was a weird transitional period in my life because of a new school, new school year, and new circumstances, I never stopped loving and admiring my mom for what she was doing with her life.

I may have grown up, becoming more of a bitch as I moved through middle school and high school, but looking back on it now, it seemed like the thing to do, because everyone else was doing it. But guess what, she loved me through it all, and never gave up on me when I hit the rough patches and newfound stages of freedom.

I may be in my last years of living at home, but my mom is my best friend in life, and I tell her literally everything. I'd be lost without my mom, so I'm thankful I have her on this journey with me.

I love you mom.