My Top 5 Things at the Pennsylvania Farm Show

The Pennsylvania Farm Show is a huge event that takes place every January in Harrisburg. It is the largest indoor agricultural event where people from all around come to see exhibits, buy things, eat delicious food, participate in agriculture activities, and show animals. I've been going ever since I was little and I have taken many animals. Next year, the Farm Show will be occurring from January 4 - 11, 2020. I'll be taking a cow to show. If you want to check it out, the price to park is reasonable and the event is free! Here are my top 5 things at the Pennsylvania Farm Show that I think everyone should check out. 

  1. 1. The Animals

    My personal favorite thing about Farmshow is the animals. I love taking my animals to Farmshow and I will be in 2020. I’ll have a dairy heifer there named Debbie. Farmshow is a fun time to see friends you may only see once a year and to educate the public about the agriculture industry. What better way to get their attention than with a fluffy, adorable animal!

  2. 2. High School Rodeo

    If you’re at the Farmshow on the first weekend, you’ll definitely want to stick around for the High School Rodeo. High School-aged kids from schools all around Pennsylvania come to compete in events including barrel racing, team roping, and bull riding. These kids are amazing and their bravery and dedication to this sport is insane. It’s always a good time at the rodeo. Nothing beats watching others have the rides of their lives and cheering them on, even after a bad run.

  3. 3. PA Farm Show Milkshakes

    Not only are the Farmshow Milkshakes phenomenal, but all the food is! The Giant Exposition Hall is the perfect plate to fill your plate with all the yummiest fried foods, sweet treats, and delicious snacks your heart could ever desire. There is grilled cheese, baked sweet potatoes, blooming onions, and all the milkshakes you could ever want. Be prepared though, the lines for these places can get extremely long, but it’s definitely worth the wait.

  4. 4. Main Hall Shops

    The main hall of the Farm show is jam-packed with exhibits, contests, and pop-up shops. Here you can walk through crowds of people and see all the different cakes, breads, beer, and whatever else different individuals have entered into a contest. There are also a few places to buy different snacks including nuts, pretzels, and fudge. It’s also too bad that Farmshow comes after Christmas because there are shops full of different awesome things you can buy. I’ve gotten shirts, socks, a custom phone case, and even a custom license plate at the Farmshow! Be prepared to either lock your wallet or break the bank!

  5. 5. Butter Sculpture

    A different design every year, the butter sculpture is a beautiful piece of artwork made entirely of BUTTER. It sounds like a heart attack in a container, but it’s not for eating, only display. The 360° display allows you to see the 3D butter sculpture from all around, but it’s the most popular display at the Farmshow, so getting in to see it or take a picture can be difficult. Last year’s butter sculpture was different people in superhero capes including a doctor, a firefighter, a dairy farmer, a soldier, and an athlete. I can’t wait to see what this year’s sculpture will be!

The Pennsylvania Farm Show is amazing and I think everyone should check it out! Hopefully, I'll see you there in 2020!