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With springtime right around the corner, new life comes to the farm! Many farmers breed their animals to give birth in early spring so that the babies have all summer to grow and get big before winter comes again. Here are my top five baby farm animals:


Baby calves are quite possibly the cutest creatures ever. I think they are so adorable, and I love how soft and silky they are. When my baby calves are born, I get so excited! I love feeding them bottles of milk and making sure they’re healthy and have lots of playtime for enrichment. They’re just so stinking cute!


Lambs are definitely the second cutest farm animal. Many would argue that they are first, but of course for me, nothing beats cows. Lambs are soft and fluffy, and their little “baas” absolutely melt my heart. I used to have sheep who had lambs, but I haven’t for a while and I kind of miss them.


Piglets are loud but they are still very cute. I love that they can come in so many different colors and not just the pink we all think of. The little tails of piglets are probably the cutest part; they are just so tiny and so adorable. If you have never held a piglet, I definitely recommend it.


Anyone who knows me knows that goats are not my favorite animal by any means. However, even I have to admit, that kids (baby goats) are cute. People go absolutely nutty over goats in pajamas and diapers, even doing goat yoga with them. They can be really cute as babies.


Definitely my favorite thing about chicks is their little peeps. I love when I open the chicken coop in the springtime and the chicks just start peeping. It gets me really excited to open the doors and see their fluffy little bodies just running around having a grand time. Chicks are also really tiny and that helps make them cute as well.

Everyone loves baby animals! They’re just so cute and cuddly, especially baby farm animals. What are some of your favorite animals?

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