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My Ricketts Glen Adventure

This past weekend I had an amazing time with friends. Five of us decided to take a trip to Harrisburg to hike at Ricketts Glen State Park. The day was perfect, the outside temperature was set at about 62 degrees and we all carried backpacks full of snacks. As for the park itself, it was beautiful, it has 26 miles of trails, and each trail is full of gorgeous refreshing waterfalls. 

We were ready to face the 5 hours of hiking that was ahead of us. Throughout those 5 hours of walking, climbing, picture breaks, and a lunch break, I enjoyed breathing in the fresh air and appreciating my time away from campus. Being able to distract myself from the loads of homework I needed to day the next day was fun. It was really nice to see parents hiking with their children, elderly couples, and young people walking their dogs all along the trails. Although the hike felt like it was never ending, my friends and I did spend a lot of time laughing and singing songs to try and distract ourselves from the pain we had in our feet and legs. 

Towards the end of it all we, as a group had walked a total of 7.6 miles and made about 17,300 steps. Not only was this trip a great stress reliever, it was also a great way to shed a couple hundred calories and tone my legs up. So, moral of the story is…definitely hit up Ricketts Glen before you graduate and have fun!

Veneranda Bautista is a student at Susquehanna University in small town Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania. While being an Advertising/Marketing and Spanish double major she finds time to reflect on life, go to the gym, and stay up to date with celebrity news. Born and raised in Brooklyn and daughter of Dominican immigrants have definitely played a pivotal role in the ambitious person she is today. To gain a better taste of who she is personally, make sure to follow her on Instagram: @veny_bau.
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