My Makeup Treasure Chest

I call myself the “in-house” makeup artist for my Greek organization, and I am known among my friends as a self-proclaimed beauty guru (Youtube channel coming soon), but there are a couple of problems with that:

First, although it's not directly related-- I absolutely suck at styling hair, outside of straightening it and making messy buns. Whenever I get asked to do someone’s hair, I’m always like “Sorry fam, I don’t know how to do hair.”

And second, I have a nice makeup collection, but I probably use less than half of said collection on a regular basis. Here's a quick overview of my collection, before we get to the much-anticipated photos:

Some of my favorite brands (both high-end and drugstore) to use, but mostly collect are Nyx, Tarte, Karity, Urban Decay, Hard Candy, and more. I do also have some cult beauty brands in my arsenal, such as Benefit, BUXOM, Huda Beauty, Milk Makeup, NYX Professional Makeup, NARS, Stila Cosmetics, TONYMOLY, and Too Faced.

I tend to use different brands for different things, and I tend to collect certain makeup items from certain brands. For example, I prefer using Tarte for my foundations, even though I like to collect lip products from NYX and Hard Candy.

My biggest makeup collections based on category are lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, and highlighters.

I have so many lipsticks that I can't take any sort of organized pictures, because it either takes too long or there is not enough room for all of them. I tend to collect mauve-y, dark, and bold purple colors. It is a bit hard to use this end of my collection for everyday looks, but I eventually want to do a monthly makeup challenge to try and decrease my collection.

Next, are my eyeshadow palettes, which I use the majority of whenever I do my makeup. Karity's eyeshadow palettes are so good; I have the 21 shade Nudes & Rudes and the Frost palette, and I have been able to get so many looks between the two. Kat Von D's Saint and Sinner palette is also a hot palette to have, but the shades are scattered around and it requires some experimenting to find shades that work the best together.

And finally, my personal favorites of the collection: the highlights. Let me tell you, the perfect highlight goes a long way, so much so that I enjoy using just a highlight on a bare face (sometimes if I think my skin looks poppin'). My favorites in the picture are the Tarte Tarteist Pro Glow Palette, Urban Decay's Naked Illuminated (in the color Fireball), and of course, Fenty Beauty's Killawatt Highlighter (in color Trophy Wife).

Here's to the future of my makeup collection, giving more products the love and attention they deserve, and to a future of fire full-face looks.