My Epic Huevember Fail

Put simply, Huevember is like Inktober (an art challenge during the month of October in which artists make one drawing a day using only ink-based art supplies), but with color. Every year there’s a Huevember color wheel, and every day you’re supposed to upload a drawing featuring that hue as the main color.

Towards the end of October, I was really excited to try out this art challenge. I was working my way through Inktober, and it kind of occurred to me that doing two art challenges back to back might not be a good idea. Especially since I was barely managing to finish something every other day for Inktober. Either way, I had been brainstorming ideas for Huevember for the whole month, and I was so excited about them that I was mentally checking out of Inktober.

I feel like this is a problem that a lot of (I’m sorry I’m about to sound pretentious) “creative types” have in common. Finishing projects is hard; it requires consistent time, energy, and motivation. If you’re getting frustrated with something, it’s easy to pull from the bajillions of ideas in your head and get excited about something new. Even if you know deep down that you're inevitably going to burn out on those ideas too and the process will repeat.

Anyways, I probably survived about the first week and a half of Huevember before I woke up with a nasty cold, slept for that whole day, and suffered the consequences as classes, projects, and extracurricular obligations piled on. I haven’t finished a drawing in over two weeks; all I have the energy to make are rough, colorless sketches.

I made three things during my week and a half run with Huevember that I actually like, so that's something:

And the rest are kind of bad and underdeveloped, so I won’t put them here. I well and truly had a Huevember epic fail, and it’s hard not to beat myself up over it. But I’m doing my best to forgive myself, because my mental and physical health would have suffered if I had been trying to stay up all the time finishing drawings, and that’s just not something that I can afford to do with everything else I have going on. Sometimes you just gotta forgive yourself and move on!