Michelle Obama: Where is She Now?

Michelle Obama has remained a relevant queen even after her time as First Lady. In fact, Glamour Magazine reports that she was the most admired woman in 2018, according to this poll. This title places her among the likes of Queen Elizabeth, Oprah, and Ellen DeGeneres, so it’s a big deal! 

Michelle was a prominent figure during her husband’s Presidency, but what is she up to today? In the spirit of Black History Month and in the name of ~girl power~, I thought I’d investigate some of Michelle’s recent accomplishments. 

First, she recently published an autobiography called “Becoming” that details her life up until this point. She discusses her upbringing, finding her voice in the world, her time living in the White House, being a mother, her various social campaigns, among other things. Apparently, according to Forbes, the book is so good that within the first two weeks of its release, it became the best-selling book of all 2018. How exciting is that?! 

Then, on International Day of the Girl in early October, Michelle advanced her dedication to sparking conversation and making a global impact by launching Global Girls Alliance, an organization that is taking action to provide adolescent girls with greater access to education. With this, Michelle just continues to establish her dominance as an influential woman of color.  

Not surprisingly, Michelle has also continued to slay with her outfits.  

My favorite look of hers from 2018 was on The Tonight Show:

She also looked amazing in pink on her Book Tour:

She rocked these stripes on Good Morning America, too:

Last, but not least, was this elegant, simple black and white outfit she wore on Ellen:

Overall, Michelle Obama is undeniably a force to be reckoned with. During Black History Month, we celebrate women and men of color, especially those who have made a significant impact on the world. Michelle Obama is without a doubt an individual worth celebrating.