Meet Wendy Galeano 


Meet Wendy Galeano, a second-year student at SU. Wendy is currently a political science and economics double major. 


HC: What made you choose these majors? 


WG: “Well, Political Science – I thought I wanted to go to law school and now I don’t. Then with economics, I took a macro course and I liked it.” 


HC: Are you involved in any campus activities? 


WG: “I was part of Enactus, but them my schedule conflicted with meeting times. Now, I’m part of ALAS (Association of Latino and American Students), which I’m the president of.” 


HC: How do you like being president? 


WG: “I like it because when it comes to coming up with ideas for events and fundraisers, I’m very open-minded allowing everyone to contribute. So, I feel like I let other people throw their opinions in there.” 


HC: What would you say is your favorite class this semester? 


WG: “Financial Accounting. I like the professor, although he can be complicated every now and then.” 


HC: Are you thinking of studying abroad? 


WG: “I got pre-approved for the London Program, but I’m not completely sure if I want to go.” 


HC: Why? 


WG: “Well, I picked up my economics major pretty late, which means that I still have classes to take, and I don’t want that to hold be back from graduating on time.” 


HC: What’s been your favorite memory at SU? 


WG: “My favorite memory, I guess would be Move-In Day because I was terrified, really, really terrified, but it allowed me to step out of my comfort zone. And so far I don’t regret it. 


HC: What’s your favorite spot to eat at on campus?” 


WG: “Uhmm, the cafeteria. They don’t always have good food, but I like the environment.” 


Make sure to give Wendy a welcoming hello when you spot her on campus.