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Literary Magazines, Journals and Presses to Submit to or Read

It’s Submission Season, even though you can find somewhere to submit all year round. For all the writers out there looking for places to submit their work, here is the list I have been compiling as of late. Some have submissions currently open and others are not but that gives you time to prepare and perfect your work!


Glass Poetry Press:

Chapbooks and Literary Journal. Submissions currently closed until March.

The Shade Journal:

Poetry by people of color. Submissions currently open until February 15th.

Up the Staircase Quarterly:

Poetry and Art submissions. Submissions are open until December 15th.

Foundry Journal:

Poetry and Poetry Craft Essays. Submissions end December 13th.



Track Four:

Poetry, Prose and Art Submissions Open until July 15. Looking specifically for work by People of Color.

Rhythm & Bones Lit:

Poetry, Prose, Non-Fiction. Looking for lyrical qualities and a focus in trauma. Submissions open for Dark Marrow: Issue 5.

Homology Lit:

Poetry, Fiction, and Creative Non-Fiction. Submissions are currently closed but will open up again in early January. This magazine looks for authors and artists from marginalized groups, for example, people of color, LGBTQ+ peoples and peoples with disabilities.

Cotton Xenomorph:

Poetry and Fiction. Submissions closed until early December.

Five 2 One:

Poetry, Non-fiction, and Fiction of all variations and lengths. Submissions open up again in February. 

Flock Journal:

Poetry, Non-Fiction, Fiction, Art, Novellas and More. Submission opens again on March 1st.

Little Lion Literary:

Brand Spanking New Lit Mag!!! Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction, and Visual Art. Submissions open until January 31st!

Outlook Springs:

Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Poetry. Submissions open until January 15th.

Guttural Magazine:

Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction and everything in between. Submissions end December 15th. 

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