Interview With My ΑΦΩ Twin: Ashleigh Tomcics

Last Wednesday, I was inducted as a new member of the co-ed service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega. At the end of the ceremony, I met my Big, Evan, and discovered that I have a twin (his other Little)! Ashleigh and I already kinda-sorta knew each other, because we are taking Digital Publishing together this semester. Even though it's only been a week since Induction, I already feel super comfortable around Ashleigh and this interview definitely helped to break the ice!

What are your majors?

I am an English: Secondary Education and Creative Writing double major.

Where are you from?

I am from Nowhere, Southeast Pennsylvania, also known as Catasauqua.

What is your favorite thing about SU?

I most enjoy the fact that, since we're such a small school, students have the opportunity to become very involved in many activities. This also means it's not hard to get to know mostly everyone on campus. Some people might not see that as ideal, but I feel more comfortable seeing friendly faces everywhere I go. 

What are 3 words you would use to describe yourself?

Awkward, clumsy, nerdy... I guess those could be interpreted as negative but I don't see them that way! I'll throw in caring and responsible for good measure. 

What are some of your hobbies?

Knitting, dance (I take dance classes on campus), writing and reading (if you can count those even though they're pretty unavoidable with my majors).

Are you involved in any campus clubs/activities/organizations, besides ΑΦΩ?

Yes, I am in SU Dance Corps, Slam Poetry, and I am VP of our Model UN Club.

Why did you decide to join ΑΦΩ?

I enjoy helping people and I thought that the best way to go about volunteering would be alongside a community of people, some of whom I know and others I don't. I'm looking forward to creating and strengthening bonds with the brothers while we complete service projects. 

Do you have any service projects that you are especially looking forward to?

Yes, I am an intern for the Selinsgrove R.E.C. center and I already love spending time there. I believe this is one of the newest service options for brothers, so I'm excited that I'll be able to spend more time volunteering there and get other brothers to come join me!

Who is the most badass woman you can think of?

Oh that's a tough question... I have to say Zoe from Firefly. She is independent and has a great leadership skills. She doesn't take shit from anybody and she is smart and strong in all of the ways [insert more intelligent comment here].

I can definitely attest to Ashleigh being a caring person! After we got through the interview questions, I told Ashleigh that I'd been wanting to learn how to knit. After we ate dinner with our Greek fam, I invited Ashleigh to come to our Her Campus midterms open study night. She showed up and surprised me with knitting needles and yarn! Ashleigh gave me a quick lesson while I took a break from homework and promised to teach me more after Spring Break. I'm looking forward to more knitting lessons and more quality time with my twin! 

Here's a picture of Ashleigh and I sorority-squatting with our Big, Evan!