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I Tried a New Face Oil and It’s Changing My Life

I Tried a New Face Oil and It’s Changing My Life

Recently, I went to TJ Maxx to browse the store (we all do this for fun, right?) and there was a section in the beauty area dedicated to face oils and serums. I have been into skincare more recently and I was intrigued. There were serums with vitamin c, aloe, retinal, hyaluronic acid, collagen, etc. I didn’t know what to pick, even with the research I had done. I recommend going right now and checking out the serums if you have been interested because even the most expensive one wasn’t over $10. As I’m approaching my twenties, I have started to incorporate better skincare to keep may skin the way it is (free from wrinkles, scarring, etc.) After contemplating for probably too long, I picked an oil that has aloe and hyaluronic acid that is meant to retain moisture, smooth skin, reduce wrinkles, and tone the skin. It’s from the brand Mon Amie and costs only $5.99 at TJ Maxx  (around $19 at other retailers). It comes with 2 fluid ounces of product and has a dropper applicator.

My Skin    

 My skin is generally very oily throughout the day, so I didn’t know how an oil would react with my skin. I was worried that I would breakout in painful acne and that would certainly be a waste of my $6. This is why it’s important to try new things, because this product is changing my skin game. I have used this serum for about a week and my skin has changed texture, smoothness, and even became less oily.

My Results

The first thing I noticed was the feeling. While my face is oily, it isn’t smooth or as smooth as this serum makes it. My skin feels super hydrated even in the cold, dry weather. The next thing I noticed was the texture. I used to have little bumps on my face that weren’t acne, but not always there. The small bumps have gone down quite a bit for only using it for a week. I also noticed that my skin is not nearly as oily at the end of the day as it normally is. I don’t wash my face at night, so when I wake up in the morning my face is usually so shiny and when I wipe my hands across my skin, I can see the oil. Since I have started using this product, my face isn’t oily when I first wake up. I can only imagine how this product could change a face makeup routine. I feel like powder would sit much better on the skin and foundation would look much better.

How I Use It

I apply this oil right after I shower and wash my face. I don’t put on any products before the serum because acids and serums are supposed to help your other products go on better. I think I’ve noticed my moisturizer going in a little better, but nothing dramatic. If you use a lot of products and want to add this to your routine, I’d look up a routine to see what products need to be used before others.

Pros and Cons

The pros to this product is, like I’ve mentioned before, is the changing in my texture, skin type, and clarity. I also liked the price and the fact that the serum is gentle on my skin. The cons to this product is the smell, the applicator, and the availability. The smell is very ‘old-lady’ and lingers a little after you apply it. I also am not a fan of the applicator because the dropper is cool at first but very messy. It’s hard to control how much product you put on your face and it drips when you least expect it. Finally, I don’t like the fact that this isn’t available at retailers that aren’t like TJ Maxx, so I won’t be able to easily buy it again after I use this bottle.

Overall, if you can find this product you should buy it. I really like it and for $6, it won’t hurt your bank account that much.

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