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I know having a migraine isn’t a lot of fun. I've actually dealt with them for the past seven-plus years. So here are some tips and tricks that I picked up along the way that have helped me prevent my migraines from sticking around.

Drink lots of water

A way to prevent migraines is to drink lots of water. I always make sure to drink extra water especially when I'm working out. That way I don't start to get a migraine. And you have to remember that if you do start to get a headache, make sure you slow it down a little and drink some more water before it turns into a migraine.

Apply ice

However, if you do find yourself with a migraine, one the best things you can do is apply ice to either your temples or the back of your neck. This will help to cool you down and ease the migraine.


Another rescue (way to ease the migraine) is caffeine. I found a little bit of caffeine can help your migraine. Just a little bit of soda or chocolate can go a long way. Be careful though! You don't want to have too much caffeine, or it can make your migraine worse.

Peppermint Oils

Another tactic that I find useful for when you have a migraine is peppermint oils. Peppermint oils work both as a preventative measure and as a rescue. You can apply peppermint oils to either your temple or your wrist, whichever works best for you. As somebody who doesn't like the smell of mint, I find the scent to really help me with my migraines.

Know Your Triggers

The most important part is knowing your triggers. Some of my triggers are barometric pressure, not eating breakfast, and using electronics too long. Some of your triggers can be avoidable while others aren’t. For example, there's nothing I can do to avoid the fact that I get a migraine when the weather dips. However, if I'm going to be using electronics for a while, I can get blue light glasses to help ease the stress on my eyes. It's best to always be over-prepared when dealing with a migraine.

I hope you learned something new about migraines and how to deal with them. Next time you or a loved one gets a migraine, I hope that you remember these tips and tricks!

I’m Allison, or most commonly known as Ally Doran. I’m from Ct, but I go to school in Pa. A couple quick facts you should know about me are that I have done kyokushin karate for over a decade and that I always put family first!
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