Holiday Shopping on a Budget

With December creeping up on us, my Christmas shopping has to get going. As a college student that depends on federal work study as a source of income, holiday shopping can be quite daunting. However, thanks to my early planning, I've been saving money since September. This does not by any means signify that I have enough money to buy my sister a new iPad, it's more like a pair of sweats and a scarf. Also, if you were lucky enough to go shopping this Black Friday, I'm sure you were able to find a lot of deals. Unfortunately for me, I was working a second job. And Cyber Monday was not an option because I just didn't find anything that I believed to be worth getting. So to buy gifts on a budget, here's what I've come up with:

1. The Deals are Still Rolling

This entire week, I've been surfing several online stores that surprisingly are still offering a lot of their Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals (there's still hope). So take advantage of that.

2. Try to Stick to one or two Websites

If you limit the amount of websites you do your online shopping on, you're more likely to spend more on them which means FREE SHIPPING!

3. Stay away from Flagship Stores

The outlet stores offer bigger and greater deals than you might think. So go while you can!  

4. Go Shopping on Specific Days

It's said that shopping for jewelry on Wednesdays, and clothing on Thursdays and Sundays is best because that's when deals pop up. This is a great way to start saving.


Have fun Shopping!