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I saw the trailer for Get Out back in October. I remember mentioning it in my African American history class. I read that the director Jordan Peele described the film Get Out in an interview as a black man’s worst fear.  I was really intrigued. When I first saw it reminded me of a modern slave movie, that involved brainwashing. Going into the movie I thought that the approach was that this prominently white neighborhood were kidnapping black people and somehow hypnotizing them into working for.  Now I do want to ruin the movie for those who haten since it, SO HERE IS YOUR WARNING NOW. The major twist that the movie took for me was that those in this neighborhood were actually taking black people’s bodies and minds and using them as some kind of host after they died.

After it the movie was over and I thought about it for a while the movie reminded me of cultural approbation and the idea that other people love black culture but they don’t love us. Something was very unsettling about the idea that we, as black individuals, are not good enough to continue to live our own lives, but good enough for white people to live through us.

There has been some talk about the movie being anti-white, racist and stereotypical. I find it funny that this seems to be the case.  I read one comment that basically was saying that white people are acting like other races haven’t been casted as the villains in other movies. Which is totally true in my opinion. Black and Hispanics are often gang members and drug dealers in movies but there is no problem with that. Obviously in this movie white people villainous aspect was racism but that doesn’t mean now everyone thinks that all white people are racist and trying to brainwash black people.  This is one of the few times the black person was not the first one killed in the first 5 mins of a horror movie. Let us have this moment.  

I am Brooke Adams-Porter, a communications student at Susquehanna University. Just an old soul finding herself in this new world.
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