Fun Things to do When You're on a Budget

When you’re in college, everything is about budgeting. You need to make sure you have enough money for books and school supplies, food and drinks, clothes, personal hygiene products, personal bills, and obviously much more. We’re usually left with almost no money (sometimes just no money at all) at the end of the week to do anything we really want to do, or buy anything we really want to buy. I know a lot of people, including myself, who end up just not doing anything because we have no money, so I thought up a couple of fun things everyone could start trying so we’re not just sitting around bored out of our minds!


Game Night

Getting together with a bunch of your friends is already a recipe for a great time. Throw in some fun games and snacks and it’ll get even better. Try to get all of your friends to bring at least one game and a couple of snacks from their room or from their local snack shop. If they’re fun people to hang out with, imagine the fun you’ll have when games are included. If everyone is willing to pitch in a couple of dollars, you could even buy some new games. Some card games you could buy are: For the Girls, Disturbing Friends, Never Have I Ever, Cards Against Humanity, and Midnight Taboo. Visit Target’s or Wal-Mart’s game section to find even more! 


Pajama/Spa Party

This is honestly my favorite thing to do, just because I love skin care and I love pajamas. Again, you should definitely try to do this with friends, but doing this by yourself is totally acceptable as well! Get into your comfortable and cute pajamas, and gather any and all skin care products you can find (this includes face masks, face washes, nail polish, hair masks, body scrubs, literally anything that has to do with making that skin glow). You don’t really need to spend money for this because you most likely already have your favorite pair of pajamas and skin care products. With your friends, you can swap face/hair masks or change nail polishes and things like that to avoid spending money. Everyone can bring snacks to the gathering, and hopefully for the rest of your day you’ll feel relaxed rather than bored and unproductive!


These ideas have always worked out for me in the past so I hope you guys try them out and get a lot of positive vibes out of it! Throw on some music, movies, or T.V. shows and modify these events if you need to so it satisfies everyone involved! Have fun (: