With Thanksgiving fast approaching, many of us have a tradition we’ve started all our own. Most of us can’t make it home for this holiday so we choose to spend it with friends. A better term for this is Friendsgiving, and this will be my second year celebrating at school, so here are some tips on how to throw the best dinner party you’ve ever had!

Dress Down

Since you’re not going anywhere fancy, wear comfy and roomy clothes. There is going to be plenty of other times in life where we need to get all “done up.” So savor this time with friends and wear your favorite old t-shirt and leggings, none of us are here to judge.


You can’t have a dinner without a main dish and maybe an entrée and dessert. Everyone in your group should pitch in either by making something for part of the meal or you can all donate a certain amount of money and shop together! This way the picky eaters get what they want and you all can save a bit of money. Most things you’ll want for your dinner are pre-made too, so that’s half the work already done!


Keep your guests busy by having some small games sitting around to play. Maybe a deck of cards or Scrabble, just something to keep everyone occupied and involved. We don’t want anyone falling asleep or staying on their phones the whole time.

Give Thanks

Of course this whole dinner wouldn’t be possible without the people that you chose to invite. Make sure to go around the table and remind each of them the impact they’ve made on you and thank them for coming. This is a key part of the holiday and will leave a lasting impression on all those you choose to invite.

Hopefully everyone is able to make it home for the holidays, but if you can’t, that sense of family is never too far out of reach. Gather, laugh, and enjoy this time together because soon enough we will be celebrating with families of our own. Happy Friendsgiving!