Escape To The Land Down Under: Touchdown

After about 30 hours of travel, I have finally made it to Aussie. The first flight was 16 hours from JFK to Hong Kong. Then from HKong to Sydney was 9hr flight. Through the whole travel experience, I was terrified thinking about how far away from home I was going, thinking about how high up we were in this plane. Thinking about how gross this airplane food is. Thinking about what I would do after I ran out of good movies to watch. Thinking about the best time to get up to use the rest room without making a disturbance. Thinking about the family I left behind and how my life would change over the next couple of months without them. As we touched down, I felt a calm wash over me. Not very soon after, I took a couple of major L’s that I will remember for a life time. 

The first big L of the trip was paying for an $85 taxi ride. The second was saying at a crappy Airbnb that smelled like cat, dogs and old left over food. The third was paying $7 for water. And the fourth was getting severely sunburned, which I didn’t even know was possible for people dark skin, more specially a black person.

Although there have been some rough moments during this trip so far, I have enjoyed every moment of it. Sydney has been beautiful, I can only imagine how well Melbourne will treat me.