Escape To The Land Down Under: GREAT ROADS, ART AND ISLANDS

Before I set off on my journey to Australia, I wrote a blog with a short bucket list of places I wanted to visit.  I have only been here a little over a month and I have already made it to more than half of the places on my original list! Just wanted to give you guys a little update on what I have seen so far.


Bondi Beach and the Opera House

I flew into Sydney with a friend and stayed there for 3 days before our classes started. Of course Sydney was as beautiful as imagined, the atmosphere was so different from home and refreshing. I stayed in an airbnb that was in the central business district. It's a pretty perfect area surround by restaurants, shops, and public transportation that took us right to Bondi Beach. Once we made it to Bondi we sat, enjoyed the free beach wifi and start our journey on the coast walk. While making our way back, we walked past the Bondi pools and saw a man who looked a lot like Macklemore. My friend and I joked around for about 10 minutes taking sarcastic videos on Snapchat saying how we saw Macklemore in Australia, later that night we found out that it was actually him and he had a show later in the week.


I couldn’t go to Sydney without finding my way to the opera house. With it being only a 40 minute walk from our accommodation we started our journey there, walking through the botanical gardens and busy city streets until we made it to the amazing harbour bridge and opera house.


Great Ocean Road

To start off orientation week I decided to invest in a pre-orientation trip to the Great Ocean Road for a quick weekend getaway. It was a great way to meet people before classes started and be introduced into Australia’s flawless scenery. The weekend was filled with surfing, hiking, picture taking and car sickness. The great ocean road is a windy one.

Street Art

Melbourne definitely deserves the title Greatest Street Art Capital in the World. It is such a unique addition to this amazing city. I even got to see one artist starting his newest creation. My boyfriend is fine arts major and is visiting Melbourne in June. He is very excited to leave his mark of art in Aussie.


Phillip Island

Now here’s a little something that was not on the list, Phillip Island. I took a trip to Phillip Island this past weekend and it is by far my most favorite place I have visited.  We saw Little Penguins, the smallest penguins in the world, travel from the sea back to shore after a long day of fishing. Slid down sand dunes into the cooling water. I even got to feed Kangaroos. This spot should have been on my original list.

Still have so much more to see. Look out for more locations in future post.