Dos & Don'ts of College: Fashion

Do Be Comfortable

Sometimes you just have one of those days when sweatpants and a sweatshirt are much more appealing than jeans and a cute sweater. Being comfortable is just as much self-care as doing your hair and makeup. But be careful, don’t dress so comfortably that you fall asleep in class! Just because you choose to be comfortable doesn’t mean you have to forgo looking cute! Add a cute scarf and vest to your t-shirt and leggings, or a hat to your sweatpants and pony.  

Don’t Forget About Self-Care

Everyone in college will agree when they say that one of the most important parts of surviving college is getting enough sleep. While virtually no college student can say they get enough sleep, it is still the number one step you can take to feel stress-free. If you have to sleep in to catch up on lost sleep the night before, don’t worry about blow-drying your hair or putting your lashes on! Always put self-care first.

Do Wear What Makes You Confident - Be Yourself!

One of the best things about college is that you are usually free from the constraints of the dress codes and judgy 14-year-olds from high school. If you’ve always wanted to wear a leopard print coat and dye your hair pink- do it! College is all about finding yourself, so why not experiment with fashion? There are thrift stores in most towns nowadays, and a fun thrifting trip with friends is always a stress reliever at the end of a busy week.  

Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Good Oversized Sweatshirt

The oversized sweatshirt — aka the saving grace of a college student — should always be a go-to. You can dress it up with a scarf, boots, and hoops, or pair it with a pair of sweatpants for that casual-sporty look.