Dogs Can be Woman's Best Friend Too

My family adopted our dog, Nibbler, about three years ago. He was a skinny little thing with the saddest eyes I've ever seen. It was like he was begging us to take him home, to take him away from the shelter. 

Around that same time, my anxiety was practically killing me. I could barely go to school without having anxiety attacks. But when we adopted Nibbler, or Nibs for short, he helped me cope. His presence helped me feel less anxious and more at ease. He is a constant blessing in my life. To me, he is the sweetest dog in the world with the purest heart. (But then again everyone thinks that about their pets.) 

I know the saying has always been "man's best friend", but my dog is my best friend. There's no reason why a dog can't be a woman's best friend too. 

Dogs help reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and loneliness. My dog is a strong example of how much the presence of a dog can help someone's mental health.

I constantly ask myself, "Who rescued who?"