Is Crabstickz Back on YouTube?

In 2008, Chris Kendall started his YouTube channel under the name “Crabstickz”. He posted mostly comedy sketches, and he hit his peak of popularity in 2012, along with other members of the Fantastic Foursome: KickthePJ, AmazingPhil, and Danisnotonfire. Unlike the other three, who have continued to make content for YouTube, and have even been going on tours and writing books, Crabstickz has more or less completely disappeared.

3 years ago, he was posting on a semi-regular basis, but then, he just left. A year later he came out with a short series called “Whipped” (it’s hilarious) and attempted to come back onto YouTube. For whatever reason, he only posted two videos, and without another word, he left again. This time it appeared that he wouldn’t be coming back, and his few appearances on KickthePJ’s channel would soon be all we had left of him.

However, last year he posted another video to tell us that his cat was dead (she wasn’t) and that his channel was dead. He seemed very depressed and sarcastically angry with the world. But, he also said he had a job! This seemed like a weird step forward, and the fanbase kind of thought he might be back on YouTube.

That’s not what happened. He posted that video and disappeared for another year. Honestly, I’m not sure anyone really noticed. But, last week he finally posted another video, and it actually looks like he wants to come back onto YouTube for real. Will he? I doubt it. He has a huge merch sale going on (I bought a beanie because I’m weak) and has posted one new thing on his Patreon, but this obviously doesn’t mean anything. In fact, the merch sale makes it seem like he wants to divorce himself from the Crabstickz name, which I hope isn’t the case.

Only time will tell, but I for one really hope that Crabstickz is back in action. We all need a non-controversial YouTuber to love.