The Conspiracy Collection

If you were in the same boat as me, my friends, and many students at Susquehanna University, then you were also trying to buy a slice of the Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson beauty collaboration, the Conspiracy Collection. The collection was so sought after that it literally broke the internet for a good few hours.

The website had such a high traffic rate that it CRASHED. Shopify, the website that was crashed, is in charge of a big portion of online beauty shopping. Besides Jeffree Star Cosmetics, there is also UgMonk, Pipcorn, Taylor Stich, Kylie Cosmetics, Luca and Danni, and so many more. There were people trying to buy things on other sites run by Shopify that couldn’t because it was completely crashed. This was especially annoying since Jeffree’s team was told everything would be handled.

The collection consists of fifteen items. The first is the eighteen-shade eyeshadow palette, the Conspiracy Palette. The Conspiracy Palette includes various shades of matte, metallic, and foil formulas. The second is the Mini Controversy Palette, which has nine eyeshadow colors with a different look from the original. There are eight lip products. Six of them are liquid lipsticks that can be bought separately or in a bundle. The lipsticks are called Shane (a metallic brown), Are You Filming? (a bright red), Ryland (a mixture of baby pink and rose gold), I Gotta Go (a metallic copper), Jeffree, what the f*** (a hot pink), and Oh My God (a light pink). All liquid lipsticks go on opaque and dry completely matte. There is also a lip balm called Diet Shane and a gloss called Shane Glossin’.  There are six different bags. Two are purses with pig faces on them, one is an accessory bag, and there are three different makeup bags. The bags are either pink or black or both. There is also a tracksuit that is black with the white Jeffree Star logo all over it. There are two of Jeffree’s iconic pig mirrors in black and pink. And last but not least, a Nathan pillow. 

All products are now sold out. Jeffree sent out a tweet that before all the products could even go live the fanbase broke the site. One thing is for sure, that will be a launch to remember.