Best Websites for Buying and Selling Textbooks


This website is great with helping to compare prices so that you can save the most money. Sometimes you even end up getting the books off of a website you are familiar with.


I have no personal experience with this one but word of mouth says it is a reliable source to get textbooks from.


A very common website for college students to use because it is quick and easy to buy and return the books. Also you get an email when each book in the order is processed so you know when the books get to the destination.

Barnes & Noble

This one is a little harder to use because sometimes you end up buying books from another vendor through them and you don’t even know it. 


One of the websites where you can get your books for a really good price especially if you need an older edition of the book. 


This website is great for selling your textbooks. The company pays for your postage and then they pay you for the books. This company even takes loose-leaf books that you can’t sell to your peers.


This website is like SlugBooks in the sense that it can be used to compare how much each company is willing to give you for a textbook that you bought and don’t need anymore.


Another source would be Facebook because you never know when one of your peers could need a book that you have. In my personal experience, pictures were posted in a Facebook group and people messaged about the condition and prices.


All of these websites are amazing but you want to make sure that you rent instead of buy and spend the least amount of money that you can. The suggestion comes from a rising junior in college that also has an older sibling and knows how to save money on books and sell them.