Best Cookies for the Holidays

One of my most favorite traditions when it comes to Christmas and the holidays is cookie baking! Each year, my family and I make dozens of cookies, but we never stray from making everyone’s favorites. Most of the cookies we make contain peanut butter, chocolate, eggs, water, oil, and other essential elements (in case of allergies be sure to read all ingredients!). With that being said here is a list of the best holiday cookies for Santa to have when he stops by!

Peanut Butter Blossom

This cookie is simple to make and tastes delicious! Grab a bag of your favorite peanut butter cookie mix, follow all directions for baking, and then when they are fresh out of the oven top with a Hershey kiss. These cookies have been a fan favorite in my house for as long as I’ve been around and will definitely bring a smile to everyone’s face!

Chocolate Chip

An oldie but a goodie as I like to say. The original taste of a family-friendly cookie with a cold glass of milk never fails to bring some holiday cheer. Most stores sell mix with chocolate chips already inside, so grab one of these and you’re golden. Some people like to make them from scratch, which makes holiday festivities and traditions even more fun!

Sugar Cookies

These cookies are always ones I imagine with decoration on them. Again, very easy to make and to dress them up, buy some icing and small candies to make your own personalized cookie! These cookies also make for great goodie bag stuffers at holiday parties after they’ve been decorated!

Gingerbread Cookies

Another great cookie for decorating! These cookies are to be made into all different holiday shapes and structures. From gingerbread men to houses, they are tasty and fun to put together. They are a fun holiday tradition that “kids from 1-92” will love making!


These cinnamon covered treats are perfect with a hot cup of coffee! Easy to make and perfectly fitting for the holiday season.

All of the above cookies are either cookies my family and me make or I have had. They all go perfect with your hot drink of choice on a cold winter's night! Any directions for how to make any of these cookies can be found online or on the backs of the mixes you plan to purchase. For all those who plan on carrying on the awesome tradition of making cookies have fun and happy baking!