Beauty and the Greek

Beauty and the Greek is a talent show that Alpha Delta Pi sorority hosts every year. Each sorority and fraternity selects one person to represent them. The only Greek organization that this rule does not apply to is Alpha Phi Omega. This is because it is a co-ed fraternity so Alpha Phi Omega selects one girl and one guy. 

Every guy is partnered with a girl for a total of seven pairs. Each pair participates in three sections of the competition: talent, skits, and question and answer. All of the participants did an amazing job! 

My favorite part was the skits because some people did memes of The Office while other teams danced around in dinosaur suits and another team did an expectation vs. reality.  

When people were asked what their favorite thing about this event was, they had a couple of different answers. One senior said that she loved everyone in the Greek community supporting one another. It was an amazing sight to see that everyone decided to come together even with the thought of midterms being the next day.  

A junior said that she loved a specific act that included Spongebob Squarepants and turns out it was also the winning act. This act included the scene from the episode where Spongebob and Patrick were going door to door selling chocolate and the one guy went crazy. It was quite the act on stage and everyone was laughing when the young lady chased the gentleman off the stage. 

There were so many amazing acts and so many people that came out to support the Ronald McDonald House. Also was an opportunity to take a break from studying for midterms to share lots of laughs with friends.  

It was a time to celebrate the fact that there are 13 different Greek organizations but we are all connected and united as one front.  

Congratulations to Tau Kappa Epsilon and Sigma Gamma Rho for being the winning pair!