Bachelor Nation is Totally Crazy Right Now, To Say the Least

Bachelor Nation – a term used to refer to all the contestants who have ever been on a Bachelor show – always has some drama going on. I’ve watched the show since Jason Mesnick was The Bachelor (his season premiered in 2009) and can safely say I have never experienced a week full of so much controversy in the Bachelor world before. Between engagements, pregnancies, break-ups, and arrests… Let me give you the low down on Bachelor Nation’s absolutely crazy week.

Jenna and Jordan Scandal

The two got engaged on the finale of Bachelor In Paradise, which just aired on Tuesday. They were actually so cute together and seemed to have a happy, genuine relationship (from what we saw on TV, at least).

Just hours before the engagement was aired, though, Reality Steve, the infamous blogger who always has all the juice on Bachelor Nation, shared a screenshot of a text message he received. The screenshot was of a text message that an anonymous man had received from Jenna [Cooper], which basically said that she only went on the show to improve her business and that her relationship with Jordan has all been an act.

Jenna was silent for a good 24 hours about the issue, but on Wednesday evening she posted on Instagram saying that the messages were all fabricated and that she has hired a lawyer to get to the bottom of this matter.

Jordan, on the other hand, posted on Instagram Wednesday morning that he is absolutely heartbroken and is removing himself from the relationship.

For more information about this, listen to Reality Steve’s podcast with Jordan discussing the situation here.

Annaliese and Kamil Break Up

LIVE on the Bachelor In Paradise after-show, Kamil broke up with Annaliese. How cruel! He said that he knew he was going to break up with her for a few days by then, YET Annaliese said that they just booked an Airbnb for the whole week so they could have a nice getaway together! Needless to say, she was heartbroken. And I just don’t understand why Kamil would do such a thing!

Amanda Stanton Arrested

Amanda, a single mom of two daughters who appeared on two Bachelor in Paradise seasons, was involved in an altercation with her boyfriend during a friend’s Bachelorette weekend in Vegas and was arrested for domestic battery. You can read more about the story here.

Now, let's move onto some more uplifting news…

Bekah Martinez Announces Pregnancy

Bekah Martinez, from Arie’s season of The Bachelor, posted a video on Wednesday announcing that she is expecting! The 23-year old nanny is known for being outspoken and bold, but this news was definitely a shock to all. Having a child is absolutely a thing to celebrate, and we are all so supportive of her and her boyfriend, Grayston Leonard!

Chris and Krystal Get Engaged

Chris and Krystal got engaged on the finale of Bachelor In Paradise! They may not be everyone’s favorite couple, but they seem to be happy and in love, so let’s celebrate that!

Grocery Store Joe is going on Dancing With The Stars and is Back Together with Kendall

Joe stole the hearts of America with his thick Chicago accent and awkward mannerisms despite being sent home night one of Becca’s season of The Bachelorette. Everyone was rooting for him to find love on Bachelor in Paradise, which he did until Kendall had a last-minute freak-out and made Joe run away. Thankfully, they are now back together according to their interview on the after-show, and Joe even announced that he's going to be on Dancing with the Stars!

Kevin and Astrid are Dating Again

After their confusing break-up in Paradise, America was shocked and saddened that these two couldn’t work it out. However, on the after-show, they both said they are still in love with each other and are back to dating! Love isn’t dead, folks!

Well… it’s been quite the week in Bachelor Nation if I do say so myself. Who knew that by the end of Bachelor in Paradise Tia and Colton would be old news?!