The Association of Latino and American Students - ALAS at SU

If you're a student at SU, you know that we're known for not only our study abroad program but the countless amount of clubs and organizations we offer. Every year there's a new club being created as more and more students of diverse backgrounds and interests join our school. For first-years specifically, signing up for clubs at our activities fair may sometimes be a bit overwhelming, there's just so many to choose from. However, as the semesters go by, you stick to the clubs you're truly passionate about, start becoming friends with the people in them, and maybe even run on the executive boards. 

During my first year at SU, I was lucky enough to find a club on campus that not only aligned with my passions but helped me connect with people who share a similar experience as me-being Latinx on a predominantly white campus. The Association of Latino and American Students (ALAS) is a club I found out about early on in my college career. As you can tell by its title it's not just exclusive to students of Latin American origin or descent, but open to American students as well. During our meetings, we talk about current events pertaining to Latin people or culture, hold fundraisers to raise money for charities in our Latin communities, and host events. 

One of the biggest events ALAS hosts is a gala at Trax (the student nightclub on campus). This event brings the Latino Symposium to a close in a celebration which happens every spring semester. At the gala, there's a DJ who plays all types of Latin music like bachata, salsa, and reggaeton; food which varies every year, and decorations that represent parts of Latin America.

For our fundraiser, we sell food that different Latin American countries are known for, like Mexico and their horchata drink, and empanadas, which are very popular in most Latin American countries. We're also known for selling flowers made out of jolly rancher candies for our Valentine's day fundraiser. We also occasionally get together and make empanadas from scratch. I personally love making these with other club members because its a great way for us to bond; you truly get to know one another more deeply. 

Now that it's currently Hispanic Heritage month until October 15, you'll soon begin seeing posters around campus of important Latinx figures who have impacted our world in one way or another. Some of these names include Oscar de la Renta, Celia Cruz, Justice Sotomayor and more! If you're not part of ALAS already, come join us!