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Assess Your Risk: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. My sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha, just had our annual Think Pink Week. We hosted a variety of events to raise money for ZTA’s philanthropy, breast cancer education and awareness, and spread that awareness to fellow college students. Not only have I experienced a loved one going through this devastating illness, but through being a sister of ZTA, I have learned so much about the disease and have become more conscious to not only “Think Pink” but to be an active supporter of the cause.

Below are 3 everyday ways to reduce your risk:

1. Exercise regularly

2. Cut back on alcohol

  • Research indicates that for every 10g (one standard drink) of alcohol consumed, there is a 10% increase in your risk for breast cancer according to brightpink.org.

3. Eat and live well

  • 12% increase in your risk for breast cancer for every 50g of red meat consumed according to brightpink.org
  • What you should eat that lower your risk: Low-fat foods, fiber-rich foods, fruits and veggies, Vitamin A, D, and E

Another way to be engaged in Breast Cancer Awareness Month is by being actively aware of your relationship with breast cancer. Here’s how to assess your risk at brightpink.org:

Fill in the pop-up on the landing page to receive information from Bright Pink:

The homepage is a slideshow that will change periodically. Use either slide to click the Assess Your Risk button or use the navigation tab at the top “Know & Manage Your Risk” and the drop-down menu to select “assess your risk”

Assess Your Risk Landing Page:

Using this quick tool to assess your risk will personalize the information about your relationship with breast cancer (more information your health, your family) and what your next steps may be: http://brightpink.org/

In all, Breast Cancer is a devastating disease that has impacted many lives. It’s important to be proactive in supporting research for a cure and being educated and aware about the disease so one day we can have a world where no one has to hear the words “you have cancer”.  

***Disclaimer: All information provided in this article is from brightpink.org. Please do not take any information provided in this article as medical advice. Seek a medical professional for the most accurate information. The writer of this article is not sponsored by or affiliated with Bright Pink in any way.

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