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When watching their first date, I swore I could feel the sparks between Becca and Arie through my TV screen. Needless to say, I was rooting for her more than anyone else throughout the season. She’s just so cool. But when the finale episode came along, I suddenly wasn’t rooting for her anymore.

It was clear to me during the final episode that Arie was supposed to end up Lauren. I mean, they did end up together… but not until two months after the show. When she was the first one out of the limo as it came to be proposal time, I was stunned. How could Lauren be the runner-up when you could actually see the deep love in their eyes?

Here are a few reasons why it was obvious to me that Lauren should’ve been proposed to in the first place:

1. She finally opened up to him.

She knew that she had to let out her feelings now or else he would never know for sure how she felt. It was clear that she loves him a lot and she showed us the emotion we have been waiting for all season!

2. It’s clear that Arie was torn, but it was undeniable that he wanted Lauren over Becca all along.

Did you see the way he looks at her? You can see in his eyes that he is so in love with her. I feel that his family liked Becca more and that really just lead him to follow his mind over his heart. It’s important to keep in mind that while your family’s feelings are important, their opinions aren’t as important as your own feelings. Even during his date with Becca, he kept mentioning how he couldn’t stop thinking about his time with Lauren. Seriously Arie, were you actually that conflicted?

3. The fact that Lauren took him back two months after he left her without a ring shows how much she really wants him.

You have to be really in love to want someone back after they left you brokenhearted and blindsided. The time apart wasn’t enough to make the love fade… in fact, it seems to have only made their love stronger. Good for them for following their hearts even knowing that they were going to get a lot of backlash for it. It just shows how strong their love is.

4. Let’s be real… Becca deserves better.

Face it, Arie is awkward and dull, while Becca is confident and energetic. They say opposites attract, but honestly, I know she will find someone who suits her way better. I’m glad she has moved on from him so quickly, now she can be a bachelorette!

Ugh… things would be so much easier if Arie had just proposed to Lauren in the first place. I must mention that I got some really great perspective on the finale from the Almost Famous Podcast (with Ben Higgins and Ashley I.) and from former Bachelorette Jillian Harris’ recent blog post. Check it out if you just can’t get enough Bachelor, like me!

I really can’t believe we don’t get more Bachelor episodes until May 28. How will I get through the rest of the spring semester without something to look forward to on Mondays? At least I know that next season will be worth the wait because Becca is the Bachelorette! Peace out Arie! Just kidding, I hope we see a TV wedding soon…


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