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Angelica Ramos Hosts Snyder County Snapshots

Susquehanna Her Campus’ very own Angelica Ramos is currently the curator for the Snyder County Snapshots photo contest being held at the Rudy Gelnett Memorial Library in downtown Selinsgrove. The contest was open to all residents in the local area including Susquehanna students.

The original submissions of Snyder County scenery have been pared down to 22 photos submitted by 12 different artists as young as ten years old. Angelica created the contest as a way to have the Snyder County community and the Susquehanna community bond and mingle in a way they usually wouldn’t have a chance to.

The photo finalists are on display at the library and the winner is being decided by the public. Voting for the contest started on March 19th and runs through April 6th. Tickets to vote cost $1 and proceeds go back to the winner of the contest.

Final Voting and Reception Night will be on April 6th from 2-5pm with snacks and refreshments provided by Whetstone Kitchen. The winner will be announced at 4:30.

Angelica, who is both a student worker at the library and a photography major, hopes that Snyder County Snapshots will go on to be a yearly event and has been encouraging friends, classmates, and strangers alike to stop by the library to cast their vote.

All the writers at Susqu Her Campus are super proud of all the hard work Gel has put into this event and we hope all of our readers will stop in and support her amazing efforts!

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