Almost 30 Days of Full Face

At the beginning of April, I challenged myself to wear a full face of makeup every day. Here are the accounts from this month. I’m curious about the results that this month will bring, the number of days I forget to take a picture, and the overall improvement of my sleep schedule (maybe).

Let us begin with that struggle

April 1st

I told myself it was just a joke, but I woke up at 7 in the morning to throw some makeup on my face, and actually do this challenge. I went for a natural-ish color look and I even forgot to do a lip color. I had a few last minute breakouts that showed through, but overall, not a bad start to the challenge.

April 2nd

I had to wake up even earlier, because I have such an early class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I definitely upped my game for today, my shadow looks better blended than yesterday, even with the lack of sleep.

April 3rd

I finally remembered to do a lip color today. I pulled some kind of upgrade from Day 1’s look with more blending, and an actual cohesive look. The picture was also taken after like 15 hours of wear, but it still looked good. It was then taken off by a handy dandy makeup wipe in a library study room.

April 4th

Ahhh! I loved today’s look so much, but all I got was a pic on my way to class, which doesn’t do it any justice whatsoever.

April 5th

This was my favorite look so far this month. I woke up earlier than needed to work on my face and make it perfect, so I’m definitely happy with the way today turned out.

April 6th

I gave my face a break for the first half of the day, partially because I went home the night before, and barely brought anything to actually do my makeup. I also had a Greek week event going on in the afternoon, so I themed my eye look around my organization's colors. Paired with an awkward selfie pic, because I was trapped in a gym with artificial lights.

April 7th

I literally only put makeup on to go study at the library and go to my sorority chapter, and pretty much just looked good to feel good while studying. Today marked my survival of the first full week.

April 8th

I think today was a pretty chill look, I wasn’t sure of what I wanted to do with my face, but I somehow made it work, and we’re still out here killing the game. I had been noticing that my face has been acting strange lately, like it is oilier and irritated, but that could honestly just be me and my lazy cleansing routine. [:(]

April 9th

I felt like the greatest today. My outfit was amazing, and so was my makeup. I got this cute photo but it doesn’t have much spotlight on my amazing makeup. But like, cute photo with Cosmo and Wanda.

April 10th

I honestly gave the bare minimum today, because I knew it was going to be a long day, so I wanted to feel good but still look good from 8am to 11pm.

April 11th

I am literally so mad at myself for forgetting to take a pic of my makeup today, but honestly, the best thing about today was my outfit and not my makeup.

April 12th

Today’s the day, Airband day. Thank god our makeup was relatively neutral, that means I don’t have to worry about having two different looks for today. But I got to play makeup artist on my sisters when we get ready for the show!

April 13th

I treated myself today, and didn’t wear any makeup, and wow has my face been through a lot. I had hella breakouts on my forehead and yikes. I was ready for this month to be over so I could focus on my skincare (or have it front seat rather than backseat).

April 14th

I also treated myself today, and did a minimal makeup look, pretty much no foundation, to give my skin a break. And it was still amazing.

April 15th

I had my first observation in a high school classroom, so I went with a basic makeup look that wouldn’t be too distracting, but yay I finally got to observe a class!!

April 16th

I honestly think this is the week when I started wearing the same makeup look and also forgetting to take pictures.

April 17th

Same look, different day, still no picture.

April 18th

Same look, different day, still no picture.

April 19th

Hyped up the look a bit, because I can.

April 20th

I started doing this thing on the weekends, where I don’t wear makeup, so...

April 21st

My face was definitely enjoying the day off again.

April 22nd

I didn’t have class today, but I still glammed up my face, and didn’t cry about it.

April 23rd

Had my third observation, so still a basic look. I wore a dress but the class had an activity outside, and I was not too thrilled.

April 24th

Hyped up my makeup today, because I could, and I was up early in the morning to think about wanting a switched up look.

April 25th

Today was the perfect date. But also, I didn’t do my makeup because I was lazy, and woke up late, so...

April 26th

I had a formal, so I didn’t do a look during the day, but went all out for the night. I tried my hand at a cut crease and let me tell you, I was so proud of how it turned out.

April 27th

I got to see my cousin today after a long time, and so I obviously had to look good for an updated first impression.

April 28th

Sunday definitely kicked my ass. I decided against doing my makeup, so my face got some love.

April 29th

I’m attended a visitation/viewing for a high school classmate, so in light of not wanting to deal with crying with makeup on my face, we all know it was best not to go full faced.

April 30th

I had my final observation today, and let me tell you, the first hour of my day was rough. I woke up with 10 minutes to finish an assignment and 30 minutes to get ready. So, I just did my makeup before I left for my observation. Oops.


And there we have it, the end of a full month of makeup, and maybe a few days off. But we have survived, every second of it.

I decided to do this as a challenge for myself. I did have to explain what I was doing a handful of times to a number of people, but they never told me anything negative in regards to me doing this challenge for myself.

I had a conversation with a sister about me doing this challenge, because someone had brought up to me that people might think I was doing my makeup to impress someone. I had to talk out my thoughts to someone, or else I might have gone crazy. But I am doing this challenge for me. I have way too much makeup that doesn’t get used, that needs shown some love before it gets shown to a trash can.