8 Things That Better Happen on the Lizzie McGuire Reboot Series

If you didn’t know, the Lizzie McGuire series is getting a reboot! That’s right: one of the most relatable, iconic TV shows of a millennial childhood is making a comeback via Disney’s new online video streaming service, Disney+. This is what dreams are made of!

The new series narrates Lizzie, still played by Hilary Duff (who hasn’t aged a day, by the way), as a 30-year-old navigating life as a design assistant in New York City. Filming began this week (Tuesday, Oct. 29) and the only confirmed actors are Hallie Todd, Robert Carradine, and Jake Thomas, who will be re-claiming their roles as Jo, Sam, and Matt McGuire. This leaves so much up to the imagination: Will Gordo make an appearance? Is Kate any less of a mean girl? Is Lizzie's friendship with Isabella thriving? These are the important questions...

Here 10 things that I HOPE happen in the Lizzie McGuire reboot:

  1. 1. Lizzie and Gordo are both thriving in relationships, but not with each other.

    I don’t think Lizzie and Gordo are meant to be together, but I hope they are doing well individually and that their friendship is still strong as ever.

  2. 2. Ethan Craft is super smart and successful.

    We all know Ethan as the hot jock who is kind of an airhead. But hopefully he has become more mature and intelligent, and in a dramatic plot twist, has a high-up role in a fascinating career.


  3. 3. Matt McGuire is a famous producer or FBI agent.

    Lizzie’s brother Matt was always sneaking videos of Lizzie as blackmail, so I could totally see him as a high-achieving producer or some sort of FBI agent or detective.

  4. 4. Aaron Carter makes a cameo.

    Remember when Aaron Carter performed at Lizzie’s school’s Christmas parade? And how Lizzie was gushing all over him? Imagine the irony if she was getting married and Aaron performed at her wedding. Maybe that's a little crazy; I would be happy with an appearance from him in any context. 

  5. 5. They pull out a time capsule.

    I don't specifically remember there ever being an episode where Lizzie and her friends made a time capsule, but it would be really cool if somehow they came across one and dug up old secrets from their middle school days. 

  6. 6. Cartoon Lizzie becomes more like a bitmoji.

    You can’t not love cartoon Lizzie’s narrations, but she needs an update! Hopefully the creators get with the times and make her more like a bitmoji – it'd be so fun!

  7. 7. Lizzie gets promoted from assistant and eventually launches her own fashion line.

    Lizzie is a fashion queen and now that she’s got her dream job in design, it’s totally realistic for her to be able to one day create her own fashion line. Just imagine the things she'd come up with!


  8. 8. Isabella is Lizzie's BFF.

    Okay, we can't ignore the fact that Isabella is played by Hilary Duff with a brown wig. But Isabella never made an appearance in the Lizzie McGuire TV series and all would be well with the world if they continued their friendship that was only starting to blossom when they performed on that stage in Italy!!

Lizzie McGuire will likely premiere on Disney+ in 2020. However, the new streaming platform will launch November 12, 2019. Let us know what you hope happens on the Lizzie McGuire reboot by tweeting us: @hcsusquehanna on Twitter!