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8 Feminist Laptop Stickers Perfect for Women’s Month

Laptop stickers are all the rage nowadays. Walk into any college classroom and you’ll see dozens of laptops decked out in stickers that make a statement. You’ll see everything from trendy Vine references and movie quotes, to hometowns and Greek organizations. I’m totally guilty of indulging in the sticker trend and have been meticulously collecting a perfect arrangement on my laptop since its purchase. In honor of March being National Women’s History Month, I decided to share my laptop sticker addiction with the world and pull together a collection of some of the best feminist laptop stickers available. 

1. I Stand With All My Sisters

Her Campus is all about sisterhood, and this sticker reminds us of just that. No matter where you’re from or how you look, we’re all facing the struggle of being a woman together. This one provides us with a not so subtle reminder that feminism isn’t just about white women, but women of all colors, religions, and backgrounds who face systems of oppression outside the obstacle of just being a woman. 

2. You’re Like, Really Powerful

This is another cute reminder of not only the importance of intersectional feminism, but the fight we’re all in together. We’re all really powerful. All we have to do is use our voice. 

3. Dream Team

You and your girls are the ultimate dream team. Who needs boys, am I right?

4. The Definition of Woman

Let this sticker stand as a permanent reminder that no matter what society tells you, you can be anything you want to be. 

5. Sorry, I Only Date Feminists

Because why would you want to involve yourself with someone who doesn’t believe that you can change the world and you deserve to?

6. Support Your Local Girl Gang

The best part of having a girl gang is always having a group of people who have your back. Support each other ladies!

7. Girl Power

You have the power! Don’t forget it. 

8. Slay Today

You have every right and capability to stun everyone you see through your looks, intelligence, and brilliance. Don’t hold back. 


You can find all of these awesome stickers at hcxo.shop and support Her Campus while decking out your laptop in the best way. Happy Women’s History Month!

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