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7 Reasons to Listen to The Michelle Obama Podcast

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Susqu chapter.

There are plenty of excellent podcasts out there, but one clearly outshines the rest. The Michelle Obama Podcast premiered this year on Spotify, and I am officially obsessed. Every week, I wait impatiently for a new episode! Now that the show is on a brief break, this is the perfect time to binge all the episodes at once. Why should you be subscribed to this podcast? The Michelle Obama Podcast is the perfect combination of inspirational encouragement and a comforting hug. I’m here to share a few of the many reasons everyone should be listening to this podcast.

1. While listening, you will feel motivated to have a productive day.

Whenever Michelle Obama talks about all she’s accomplished at such a young age, I can’t help but feel motivated to work harder. In her podcast, she talks about writing her memoir, Becoming, and as a creative writing student currently studying memoirs, I felt so inspired to start writing. Obama’s words are kind and confident, so I never feel inferior to her while she shares her many accomplishments. Sometimes there’s a disconnect between celebrities and the general public, but I don’t feel that when I listen to this podcast. Instead, I feel that Michelle Obama is somehow speaking to all of us, helping us to unlock the best versions of ourselves.

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2. The guest speakers are awesome!

Michelle Obama isn’t the only famous voice you will hear on this podcast. Her husband former President Barack Obama, Craig Robinson, and Michele Norris are just a few of the recognizable people featured. Their back and forth with Michelle Obama is excellent, almost like a double interview! Every week is a totally new topic and the guests are always just as entertaining and informative as the host.

3. Michelle Obama is honest and forthcoming and truly in her element.

As a former first lady, Michelle Obama had to be careful how she appeared in public in case the press discredited her. Now, Michelle Obama takes the lead and doesn’t hold back when discussing anything in her podcast. The listener can tell that the former first lady is excited to have this project entirely under her control and management. It’s wonderful to hear Michelle Obama speak her mind and give her opinions on current issues.

4. The production quality is exquisite.

As someone who has listened to many podcasts, I’ll be the first to tell you that the sound quality can always be better. Nothing in the podcast ever sounds clear. However, The Michelle Obama Podcast has some of the best sound quality I have ever come across! For example, there is always a 30-second intro song before the host dives right into the discussion. The song is always loud, but not too loud, and the transition from the music to the discussion is flawless. During the discussions, the pacing is ideal and I can always hear what everyone is saying.

5. The first episode will hook you in right away.

Up until the first episode premiered, the identity of the show’s first guest was kept secret. I guessed it would be a member of Michelle Obama’s family, but I never expected Barack Obama! Their lively discussion is hilarious, interesting, and entertaining. They talk about everything from their time in the White House to their marriage now. I was so lost in the episode that it felt like hearing two best friends talk. After listening to this episode, I knew I had to hear the rest!

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6. The conversations are centered around current, important topics.

It would be impossible to list every time current events comes into a discussion during The Michelle Obama Podcast. I appreciate the immense time this podcast devotes to talking about Black Lives Matter, the COVID-19 pandemic, and feminism. This podcast isn’t afraid to explore the tough topics. For example, Michelle Obama talks with an acclaimed journalist in episode two about protests and the pandemic. Then, episode three is devoted to talking about women’s health, such as menopause with a female doctor specialized in this information. I love that this podcast provides a safe space for people to learn about these important issues.

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7. The show’s music is epic and empowering.

If there aren’t already a ton of reasons to love this podcast, the intro music is incredible! It always fits the mood of the episode, and it’s music that I can definitely picture the former first lady rocking out to. Some of my favorite songs chosen are “Black Truck” by Mereba, “Night Drive” by Ari Lennox, and “Black Parade” by Beyonce. Ever since Spotify released a playlist of all of these into songs, I’m not embarrassed to say that sometimes I just listen to these songs to wake me up in the morning!

So what are you waiting for? The Michelle Obama Podcast is available to listen to on Spotify now! 

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