6 Holiday Gift Ideas for Writers

Every writer is different. We each have our own aesthetic, genre, and interests. Writers aren't often just writers. They tend to be writers and so much more. To most people, this probably makes shopping for a writer seem as complex as they are. The good news is that it doesn't have to be that way. Writers are writers, and at the end of the day, they all love and appreciate the same things. Here are some gift ideas that will appeal to every writer.

1. Coffee Mugs

Whether their weakness is coffee, tea, or microwavable mug desserts, every writer is on the market for a new mug. Hell, even wine tastes great in a cute mug.

2. A New Book

You can't become a better writer if you're not reading, so look up some book reviews in your friend's favorite genre and buy them a book or two.

3. Notebooks and Pens

Every writer has a favorite brand of pen (mine are the Pilot G2s) and an endless desire for new journals and notebooks. You can't go wrong.

4. A Cute Planner

Writers always need a neat place to keep all their assignments, events, and submission deadlines straight. You can go here for my planner recommendations.

5. Rocketbook Notebooks

These amazing notebooks are a little more on the pricey side but are still amazingly affordable. The books work with special erasable pens and connect with smartphones and tablets to upload notes, writings, and drawings to your email or favorite cloud service like Google Drive and iCloud. Rocketbook can also read and transcribe your notes for easy copy and pasting to documents.

6. Cozy Socks and Blankets

Writing is a long-winded, strenuous activity. Being warm and cozy helps to maximize creativity.