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5 Ways You Can Protect Yourself From The Sun

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Summer is just around the corner! With that said, it’s important to know how to protect yourself from the sun and summer heat. The sun has great effects on your health, as exposure to the sun can speed up the aging process and expose you to greater risks of skin cancer. In addition, it is important to protect your eyes as well as your skin.  


Sunscreen or sunblock both have their pros and cons, however, it is important to use either one. I know that we have all been scolded by our parents many times about not wearing sunscreen. Sunburns and sun poisoning can speed up aging and wearing sunscreen helps prevent premature wrinkles and skin tags. Unfortunately, sunscreen and sunblock may contain a few harmful chemicals. But it will be worth it because basking in the sun has greater health risks than wearing sunscreen. It is important to pick a sunscreen with at least 30 SPF and make sure to reapply your sunscreen. 

If you don’t believe me, as Harvard Medical School about the common misconceptions about sunscreen: 



Did you know, just like your skin your eyes can be sunburned as well? When your eyes are sunburned, you can experience blurry vision and an increase in sensitivity to light. In the long run without eye protection, you will have a greater risk of getting cataracts, eyelid cancer, and premature aging. You should look for sunglasses that offer UV protection. Lucky for you, bigger sunglasses are back in style. The bigger the sunglasses, the more protection you have. 

University of Utah Health School offers a more scientific explanation, if you want to check them out: 


3. HATS!

Believe it or not, protecting your scalp and hair is a must in the hot sun, yet there are very few sunscreen products that offer protection for your hair. Your best line of defense against hair and scalp damage is to wear hats. Skin cancer is hard for you and/or someone else to detect when it formulates in your scalp because of your hair. Please remember to wear hats or grab scalp sunscreen while you’re at the store! 


During the summer, water will be your savior. Even though you are out by the pool, it is important to stay hydrated. Drinking water promotes healthier skin and digestion. Additionally, water helps regulate body temperature which will come in handy when you’re tanning. The last thing you need on a hot summer day is to pass out. Even in the colder months, you should consider drinking water every day. 

If you are more curious about the numerous benefits of drinking water every day, you can check out this article published by the CDC: 



Taking breaks in the shade will do wonders for you during a hot day. You should find cover from the sun multiple times throughout the day, and while you’re taking breaks you should reapply your sunscreen and drink some water. Even though sometimes it is not practical, applying layers of clothing offers excellent protection against the sun as well. 

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