5 Ways to Stay Busy This Winter Break

It's so crazy to think that final exams are next week, and soon enough most of us will be back home catching up with high school friends, spending time with family, and sleeping all day. Winter break for college students is a much needed time to de-stress, and get away from studying every night or even waking up every morning for an 8am class. However, winter break can definitely have its cons (if you find yourself doing nothing productive for a month and a half). If you're not on some sort of vacation, winter break can be pretty boring. Especially if you don't have anything to look forward to every day. I personally take my winter breaks to make some extra cash, and when I do have a free day I'll make sure to plan a day trip with my friends. If working a 9-5 is not an option for you, here are 5 things you can do this Winter Break:

1. Be a better and healthier you

It's the season where everyone wants to work towards their 'summer body' so why not get a head start as soon you get home? Get a gym membership or work out from the comfort of your own home, and look up some awesome workouts you can do on YouTube.

2. Exit out of Netflix and grab a book

If you find yourself glued to watching Netflix shows every.single.day, try changing it up by going to your local bookstore and picking out a book to read. Even better, if you still are on campus after reading this, head to the Blough Weis Library and check a book out. 

3. Try the artsy thing and express yourself

If you have left over art supplies from an old art class use them! Paint/draw whatever your heart desires. If art is not your thing, there's always writing. Take a stroll around your neighborhood or park, find some inspiration, and write away!

4. Start networking for your future

Seniors, if you haven't been working on your resume lately, the time is now! Take the free time to fix up your resume and add any courses or experiences you've had this past semester. If that step is complete, head over to LinkedIn and start making connections with possible employers.

5. Learn something new and get good at it

If you find yourself interested in something like how to cook, make a website, sewing clothes, then I encourage you to start! Who knows, you might just be a expert at it once you return back to campus for the spring semester. 

Have a great Winter Break!!