5 Ways to Avoid the Cold

I don’t know about you but the weather has been acting up lately and I don’t like it. We’re currently in the Fall season and the temperature has been acting all types of crazy. I mean seriously, why was it almost 75 degrees in Fall? The worst part of it all is trying to adjust to the dramatic weather changes throughout the day. I walk out of my house at 8 am and experience 45-degree weather, but once 12 pm hits my watch, all of sudden it will be 68 degrees. I literally cannot!  


The saddest part about it all is that it’s probably one of the biggest reasons why most of the campus has been struck by the cold. So, if you don’t currently have the cold here are six ways to avoid it completely. 


  1. Wash Your Hands 

  • You’ve heard it a billion times but, surprisingly enough, most adults don’t even bother washing their hands because they have ‘no time’ – and they're gross! 


  1. Vitamin C is Life 

  • Make sure your intake of Vitamin C is on point! It actually reduces the frequency and duration of colds. 


  1. Sleep! 

  • Just because we’re college students and we always seem to have a ridiculously amount of work doesn’t mean we don’t deserve 7-9 hours of sleep! Make sure you make time for rest; your body will thank you later. 


  1. Dress Appropriately  

  • Use the weather app on your mobile device before walking out of your house because, at this point, who knows what the weather will be like! 


  1. Drink Tea 

  • A hot cup of tea is not only great for the skin, but it also will ease the symptoms of a cold. So the next time you have a small cough, run and grab yourself a cup of tea.