5 Times The Vampire Diaries Ripped Your Heart Out (Literally)

The Vampire Diaries has been one of my favorite shows for years. It was like the Game of Thrones before Game of Thrones was a cult favorite. Just when you become attached to a character they die or...well they die and sprout fangs. It makes you cry because there are these great moments with certain characters and then you get attached to them for a season or two and then BOOM, they rip your heart out. Here are five instances when this show hurt you.

1. Aunt Jenna

Love Klaus or hate Klaus, this was the one moment you really wanted to punch him in the face. He turned Aunt Jenna into a vampire to use her in a creepy ritual. Aunt Jenna being the amazing guardian she was to Elena and Jeremy tried to save Elena by trying to stop the ritual but died in less than five seconds. It was so sad because that was the last real mother figure Jeremy and Elena had. 

2. The First Time Jeremy Died and It Almost Stuck

Elena shut off her humanity and burnt down they're childhood home with Jeremy's body in it. At this point in the show, Elena had lost every single family member she had and I don't know about you guys but I was crying for two days. Jeremy just wants to protect his big sister and died in the process.

3. Alaric

Alaric was the drunken sarcastic Dad anyone could wish for. He was Damon's drinking buddy and best friend. He was a hunter turned vampire, turned ghost. Each one of his plentiful deaths was a heart-wrencher.

4. Bonnie's first death

She just wanted to bring her boyfriend back from the dead guys! She died and overused magic for true love! If that's not a good reason to die, what else is? Although, Bonnie is the only TRULY selfless person in the entire show and the only main character of color.

5. Sheriff Forbes

She's Caroline's mom and has helped all the teenage vampires in town stay a secret and she deserved to live a happy full life until she was wrinkled and old. But she didn't get that.