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5 Reasons Joe Jonas Should Marry Me Instead of Sansa Stark

The Fangirl Phase started at a young age for most of us. It started with buying Tiger Beat and J14 magazines to draw hearts around our crushes face and take the free posters out of the MIDDLE of the magazine and taping them to our walls. For so many of my friends it all started with Disney, whether it was the Sprouse Twins, Gordo from Lizzie McGuire, Shia LeBeouf (aka Louis Stevens from Even Stevens), Evan Peters from the beginning in Phil of The Future or the crowd favorite, THE JONAS BROTHERS! They were the start.  

What breaks my heart in a very confusing way, as a Jonas Brothers fan and a Game of Thrones fan, is Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner (aka Sansa Stark) are engaged! Part of me is uber stoked because they are two of my favorite celebrities and they are so cute together but my inner 12-year-old is rioting against this because Joe Jonas is my future husband and has been since the 2000’s. 

Here’s the reasons he should marry me instead: 


  1. I’m very clearly not even close to being famous 

Isn’t the biggest issue with celebrity weddings the publicity? I feel like if he married a non-celebrity, it would be less of an issue. Or would it be more of an issue? I don’t know, I’m not a celebrity. 

  1. I’ve been a fan through all of his fashion phases 

From the fauxhawk, to the fedoras and vests. From the long-straitened hair to the buzzcut. From the weird almost civil war looking jackets to the leather jackets and graphic t’s. From no facial hair at all to the Freddie Mercury-ish mustache of today. I’ve supported it all! 

  1. He proposed to me in this dream I had when I was 15 

It was vivid. It was every fangirls dream, literally. Although now if I were to get married, I wouldn’t be wearing a huge fluffy white dress with pink dyed hair, I’d most likely wear an Ivory Pant-Suit or Jumpsuit. Classy and just a tad Boujee. Just something to look forward to, Joe. *insert super awkward wink here* 

  1. I’ve always said he was the cutest Jonas and never switched teams 

With Nick’s recent GLOW UP many lifelong fans have switched sides. Traitors. I’m not saying Nick wasn’t cute, Joe is just cuter in my eyes. It’s the eyebrows, I swear. Homeboy’s eyebrow game was never weak.  

  1. I’ve followed his music since the start 

Like most, I fell in love the second he popped up on my television screen in Camp Rock. The moody angsty teen with so many striped shirts. I was hooked and followed it up into the many albums the Jonas brothers made (Which I still own and will never get rid of because let’s be honest, it’s still gold). From then to their TV show, Jonas, all the way to his solo album (which I wanted to See More of), to the rebirth of the Jonas Brothers and lastly, to the birth of DNCE. I’ve loyally stuck through it all. Musically speaking, it’s all fantastic music. There isn’t one song I didn’t like, aside from being a long-time fan.  


All jokes aside, I wanted to send a huge congratulations to Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas on their engagement and impending marriage! May you have many successful years of love and happiness.  


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