5 Cats That Look Like my Dad

Do you ever have that moment when you’re looking at an animal, and suddenly you see a person’s face in it? It may be a celebrity's face, a dead person’s face, or an anime character’s face. While I was Googling “silly looking animals” because I couldn’t think of what to write about, I started seeing my dad in a lot of different animals. Most specifically, though, I saw him in a lot of cats. I have no good explanation for anything you’re about to see, but it’s all accurate, I swear.

1. This dad cat

I feel like this is a classic ‘dad’ look, and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen my dad make this face.

2. A sleeping cat

I swear my dad falls asleep like this all the time. And then he’ll respond to part of the conversation his girlfriend and I are having and we’ll just start laughing because we both know he’s just sleeptalking.

3. This yawning lion

This is also such a dad thing, but I swear my dad’s yawns break the sound barrier. And my dad is also blonde, so this is super accurate.

4. His natural face

No, seriously, every time I talk to him, his face inevitably resorts to this. We just don’t speak the same language (and for some reason I am now imagining us having a conversation: me in English, him in meows).

5. The Cheshire Cat

My dad's smile is almost always this wide and contagious. I'm pretty sure I got my smile from him, and I can't be mad about it (get it? Mad, like the Mad Hatter? I'm funny).

Okay, so my dad might not look like any of these cats actually (except the lion. I don’t know how they got close enough to snap that picture of him in natural habitat). Yes, strangely enough, my dad looks more like a human than a cat:

But he does have a lot of cat-like tendencies, so it’s an easy mistake to make. Plus, he’s allergic to cats, so I think this is just hilarious. Honestly, if you’re having a bad day, take some time to look at funny animals and see if any of them look like your friends or family. Be creative!