5 Best Anime on Netflix Right Now

Hello to my fellow Nerds, Geeks and Anime Lovers!!! Love for anime starts slowly with your basic comic book and then grows into manga and finding anime on Crunchy Roll or Youtube before we had easier access to Netflix. I've always been a closeted anime lover until I went to France and discovered French Netflix. There was so much anime on French Netflix, ones that haven't even entered the states yet, and it was glorious! Whether you like subbed or dubbed anime, here are the Top 5 Anime on Netflix at this current moment.

1. Castlevania

If you are a vampire enthusiast and love anything involving bloodsuckers, Castlevania is right up your alley. This series is inspired by the original video game, Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse and Castlevania: Curse of Darkness from Japan. The show follows the storyline of Trevor Belmont who fights off Dracula's hoard of minions to defend the land of Wallachia. There's drama, horror, adventure, and vampires aplenty! What else do you need?

2. Fullmetal Alchemist/ Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

This series follows the story of Ed and Al Elric who want nothing more than to gift each other their bodies back after losing their limbs or full body while trying to resurrect their mother through alchemy. The principle of equal exchange is the key to alchemy working correctly...or so it's been told. These brothers will stop at nothing to fix the mistakes they've made and will never leave each other behind. There's brotherly love, metal limbs, explosions, and sin. I'm sold. Are you?

3. Soul Eater

Soul Eater is one of my favorite anime to date. It follows three teams of students: Maka and Soul, Black Star and Tsubaki, and finally Death the Kid with the Twins, Patty and Lizzy. The three teams attend Death Academy, a school where students called meisters, who train in weapon mastery, work with their partners who turn into weapons and the hands of their masters. For example, Maka is Soul's meister. Soul is her weapon. They patrol the streets keeping humans safe from monsters and witches in the goal to collect 99 evil human souls and one witch soul, thus making the weapon acceptable for Death, Death the Kid's father, to use. This show is hilarious and intricate in terms of storyline. Check it out because once you start you can't stop watching.

4. Naruto

To any anime lovers, we all know that Naruto is a classic. It is the gateway drug to all anime. A lot of us start here and get sucked into everything else. Netflix only has five seasons but there are way more seasons than that. This series follows the storyline of the main character, Naruto, an orphan who lost his parents in battle and his secret source of power. All Naruto wants is to be the next Shinobi, the best ninja in his village, like his father. This series follows his trails and ninja education along with the storylines of his best friends, Sakura and Sasuke.

5. Fairy Tail

This series is about four young wizards from the world of Earth-land. The main character Natsu befriends three other wizards in his journeys: Lucy, Gray and Ezra. Together their magic grows. They battle dark forces and guilds created by a dark wizard named Zeref. Netflix only has one season of this series but there are currently nine in total. 

Bonus Anime Suggestions:


Death Note 

Vampire Knight


Blue Exorcist

Attack on Titan